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We Actively Recruit Consumers, Business Professionals, And Hard-To-Reach Individuals As Members Of Our Research Panels, And We Build Trusted, Ongoing Relationships With Them.


Who do you want to reach

In a world more aware of privacy and authenticity, can deliver the actual voice of the individual at scale to market researchers, marketers, and advertisers. With quality data to spark quality insights, more businesses can gain the advantages they need to innovate, grow and compete.

Through Computer Assisted Web Interviewing, (data collection based on an online questionnaire) which automatically adjusts its flow of questions depending on the answers provided by respondents, helps us to keep the questions relevant to the respondent and are always addressed to the right people.

Interviews are self-administered, which has a significant advantage over other methodologies when it comes to sensitive topics; also, CAWI has zero bias probability caused by interviewers, since there is no one involved in the process.


Ad-hoc surveys


Concept tests


Price evaluation


Package tests


Tracking studies


Product tests

What do we offer?

  • Full service (including programming, hosting, sample and data delivery)
  • Survey programming and hosting
  • Questionnaire localization
  • Real-time reporting
  • Data processing
  • Coding
  • Translation of questionnaire or verbatims.

Why use

  • No set up fees and no minimum fees, therefore no strings attached for our clients
  • Flexibility all the way – costing, timing, process, procedures etc.
  • Friendly professional staff with a consultative approach
  • Free questionnaire localization and translation proofing
  • Incredibly low translation costs for questionnaires and verbatims (open-ended answers)

Other products we offer

Tracking studies

Weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually – it’s all the same: you get the same high-quality data when running tracking studies with us.

Proprietary online panels owns strong and fast growing proprietary online panels across all districts of Sri Lanka.

Data processing, Analysis & Reporting

Are you looking for quality in your data and clear insights? We can deliver secure, on-demand reports, dashboards and analyses.

Become a member members can earn extra income by participating in the online surveys and telephonic interviews conducted by


Online surveys

By participating in online surveys conducted by, you can earn Rs. 100 to Rs 200 per a survey by cash or as a reload to your mobile number.


Telephonic interviews

By participating in telephonic interviews conducted by, you can earn Rs. 30 to Rs. 50 per survey as a reload to your mobile number.

After earning the cash by participating in online and telephonic interviews, the minimum value you can request to deposit is Rs. 500 and the minimum value to reload is Rs. 100


How Its Work


Register as a panel resource giving us your demographic information with us



Surveys that fit into your demographics profile will be shared with you via SMS or WhatsApp



Fill the survey questions by logging in through the member area.


Earn points

Earn points for every question answered in a survey


Redeem cash

Redeem your points for cash.


Frequently asked questions

Does it cost anything to join?

No. Panel membership is completely free and completely voluntary. You do not have to pay us anything, and if you are chosen to join the panel, you can cancel at any time.

What happens after I sign up?

Once you complete the signup process, we will review your information. When there are surveys for a household that matches your demographic profile, we will contact you to let you know about the survey.

What happens once I am selected fr a survey?

You log into and enter the survey code and answer the questions listed out in the survey

What does an member do? members participate in several ways::
-By participating in surveys: Panel members will be invited to take part in surveys on a variety of topics. In any given week you might be asked about snack habits, household cleaners, pain relief products, etc.
-By taking part in special studies: from time to time, conducts special studies you may be invited to. These could include short or long term "diaries" where you enter details about your daily or weekly consumption of a particular food or drink or receiving a product to test. Participation in our special studies earns our panel members additional points.

Do I get paid for participating?

Yes for every question you answer we give you points that can be redeemed for money

Do you share my personal information with clients?

No. your personal information is only used to manage your membership account. All personal information is kept confidential by The only information we share with clients is the aggregated survey responses. They will never see your name, address, or contact information. We also do not collect or ask for id number or credit card numbers. You can view our privacy policy at the bottom of the page.


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